Book donation for the new school term in 2019

As a part of our annual programme, we are getting ready to launch the project “Book Donation 2018” in favour of needy school children in Sri Lanka.

Our focus this year is school children of families having kidney patients (CKD-U) in Medawachchiya area. With the help of the Divisional Secretariat- Medawachchiya, we have decided to provide these children with stationary needed for the new school term in 2019.

You are invited to contribute to this worthy event.

Currently, 1292 people receive a Kidney Disease Aid via Divisional Secretariat – Medawachchiya, and out of that, about 500 families are with school children. Officers of Divisional Secretariat – Medawachchiya are in the process of collecting accurate information with this regard. Officials will provide us with the details of the students eligible for this donation and we at Akura will estimate the cost of stationary needed. Our objective here is to help a group of deserved students coming from those families under a government health support programme. We learnt that there are a large number of people suffering from Kidney disease in Medawachchiya area, due to the limited financial capacity we decided to focus only on the families supported by the government, assuming that they are the most in need.

If you wish to contribute, please fill in this form ( Once done, we will send you an email with Akura bank account details for you to deposit your generous donation. Even if you are willing to support anonymously, we highly appreciate you fill in the form so that we can send you a digital receipt following your donation.

Once you deposited your donation to Akura bank account, please send us a copy of the deposit slip (or the digital receipt) to After we get the transaction confirmed, we will send you the digital receipt.

We will decide the date of donation with the help of the Divisional Secretariat and that will most probably be in December 2018.

If you are near Medawachchiya, you are more than welcome to handover stationary directly to the Divisional Secretariat.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Bandula Ranathunga 0714 315426

Divisional Secretariat – Medawachchiya:
Mr. Lasantha Wijesinghe (Development Officer) 0719255633
Mr. Tharaka Thisera (Financial Assistant) 0718665002

Based on the outcome of this project, we hope to extend the program to other parts of the country in future.

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