Akura to Anuradhapura in the month of Vesak


Marking another milestone of the Akura scholarship program, with the dawn of the month of May, we started supporting the education of two girls in Anuradhapura. Unfortunately the fathers of both the girls expired and one of the girls is reading for the Advanced Level Examination in Maths stream.

The other girl is schooling in grade 4 and she is the youngest in a family where three others still school. Her elder brother, though he is supposed to read for his G.C.E Ordinary Level Examination by now, has started trading in the market in the weekend.

We thought to present you with the above brief description about the hardships these students undergo as to encourage you to let us know about such students you come across in your day to day life and further, if possible, to join hands with us to aid those students for their education.

We welcome you all to join hands with us to ensure the safety of their education!

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