Journey from Ittikulama to Morawewa

Children’s Day program 2015

We at Akura started our journey on 1st of October 2015 celebrating the World Children’s Day. As the very first event of Akura, we donated stationaries to school children in Ittikulama Primary School, an under previledged school bordered to Wilpattu.


It has been a year since we started. But we are unfortunate to mention that Ittikulama Primary School, where we stepped first, is closed today due to the lack of teachers. It’s a tragedy to the children who are financially unable to make it to the schools in the town. We as Akura in this World Children’s Day would like to urge the officials to pay attention and help the children in need to resume their dreams.


Akura Scholarship Program

We launched Akura Scholarship Program in the month of March 2016 with the objective in helping the students who need financial assistance. We all are proud to mention that to date we are sponsoring 11 school and university students monthly and that is via are the direct donors. So far we have donated more than Rs. 300,000.00 to the students in need via the Akura Scholarship Program and not a penny is spent for administration of operation cost of the organization. We invite you all to share the happiness because we all together made it possible to operate in this caliber within this short period of time.

Akura Scholarship Program

Drama show for students in Kengalla School

We at Akura don’t believe that students should be limited to the books, rather they should be exposed and be sensitive to the other aspects of life, such as arts and environment. With that in mind, we facilitated 34 students and 6 teachers in Kengalla School to watch the drama “Thatta Gayikawa”.


“Thatta Gayikawa“, the Sinhala version of the absurd drama “The Bald Soprano” by the Romanian-French play writer Eugène Ionesco, was staged as a new production after 13 years in the E.O.E Perera Theatre in the Faculty of Engineering of University of Peradeniya at 6:45PM on 14th May 2016. It’s a production of the Department of Fine Arts of University of Peradeniya and Theatre of the Melting Clock.

Akura Mentor Program

Although it was not officially announced, as a pilot project we have Akura Mentor Program in operation. A Sri Lankan young lady reading for her PhD in Computer Science in the United States came forth to contribute and to mentor a girl student who is currently a scholar under Akura scholarship program. Despite her busy schedule in conducting the research for her PhD, her enthusiasm to help a fellow sister, a student in Swarnapali Balika Widyalaya in Anuradhapura, in the motherland and guiding her for a more enlightened future is highly appreciated. A financial aid via the Akura Scholarship Program alone will not solve the issues of students, Akura Mentor Program is to bridge the gap for proper guidence.

In future we hope to reach the rest of the Akura Scholarship Program scholars via Akura Mentor Program. So if you are willing to guide a child, a brother or a sister in the motherland with your experience in life, please let us know, we are more than willing to join you in in this course.

Floods in the country

We could help the students of Biyagama Central College and H.K. Dharmadasa School in Peliyagoda who were affected by the floods in last May. We would like to appreciate the immense support and prompt actions of the friends around Akura to help the students in need restore and continue with their studies. More information…


Children’s Day Program and School Books Distribution 2016

We are getting ready for the school books distribution for the new school term in 2017. This is inline with the World Children’s Day celebrations. We will be executing the books distribution in 4 schools in the Gomarankadawala education zone in 15th and 16th of October 2016.


Out of the four schools, Akura sponsors more than hundred students in the Morawewa South School and Morawewa North School while the other two schools are sponsored by Vibes and LEFS.

We started with Ittikulam boarded to Wilpattu and after a year we are at Morawewa. The guidance from you all and the happiness shared with you all in the journey of this short period of time will surely empower and enable us to lay a better path for Akura in future.

What’s next…

In the next chapter of Akura we hope to engage in activities which enhance the creativity and co-operation among students.

Robotic Program

The idea of this program is to educate and guide the students with the computer programming and electronics knowledge to build a simple robot. We at Akura believe that such activities will be helpful to enhance the creativity within the students and ultimately will be beneficial to the individuals and to the country by having a better working force serving the nation.


The first program of this series will be help in Kengalla Navodya School in Wattegama education zone in Kandy on 3rd October 2016.

As the first round we hope to conduct this event as a two day event in 5 schools including Swarnapali Balika Vidyalaya Anuradhapura and Kalahe Sri Sumangalodaya Vidyalaya Galle. We will be donating a kit with all the electronic components used for the session for these schools so that the students can learn and try out new functionalities by their own. This series of Robotic Program is conducted by Sachithra Wishmal and Ruwantha Pushpika.

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