Akura scholarship program 2016

Akura scholarship program is to empower needy kids by supporting their educational or extracurricular activities. Akura will offer first sponsorship program as a monthly for 2 student groups.

  • commit to sponsor a school student per month for Rs. 2000 (minimum)
  • commit to sponsor a university/higher education student per month for Rs. 4000 (minimum)

Akura Scholarship Program

What is the sponsorship:

Monthly financial sponsorship, minimum of Rs. 2000 per school student and minimum of 4000 per University/Higher Education student. Akura evaluators of the scholarship will be consider the amount if it needs to be changed on such a incidents like family background or any other needs and progress of student.


How to apply for scholarship:

Fill this form (A teacher or a know person can filled on behalf of a student)


Akura scholarship application process:

  1. Fill this form (A teacher or a know person can filled on behalf of a student)
  1. We will contact you if we are satisfied with preliminary information filled in the form.

Then we will request you to send two letters of recommendation. To prove your educational status we need a letter of recommendation from the head of the educational institute. For school children it will be school principal and for university students it will be head of the department. The second letter of recommendation is needed from Gramaniladari to prove your financial status of your family.

  1. Application will be review by a group of volunteers within Akura community and you will be notified with the status of the application.


How many scholarships available:

We commence this as a pilot program in 2016 with 8 scholarships for school student and 2 for university students. We will be increasing number of scholarships in future.


Termination of sponsorship:

Scholarship may be terminated due to following reasons,

  1. Lack of interest of the student for education.
  2. Refusing to send progress reports (term test marks) or abusing this program.
  3. Any form (including monitory) of disturbance made by the student to the sponsor.


Can I sponsor to a student?

Yes, Feel free to let us know if you willing to sponsor a student or group of students. Talk to Akura scholarship team now!

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