Join us to support Elapatha School in Niwithigala

We, “Akura” are ready to support the students in need affected by the recent floods and land slides in the island. With the experience from the last year, we are already discussing with the relevant authorities to come up with estimates for needs and funds and the process will be carried out with full transparency.

Step one:

At the time of this writing, we are in the process of purchasing 117 school uniforms and other needs for the needy students in Elapatha Maha Vidyalaya. The uniforms and other needs are being bought from CIB Ratnapura and other branches. It’s a bit of a challenge that we cannot fulfill the required number of uniforms from CIB Ratnapura branch and the inability to find a similar uniform from other shops.

The 117 students will be provided with sample uniforms at the school tomorrow (Monday). Students will try out the samples provided by CIB, once the suitability is evaluated, we will make the final payment for the purchase.

We assure that we won’t incur any unnecessary costs in the process, none representing Akura will visit the school nor there will be any ceremony. Thus, we cut down unnecessary costs such as for transportation and on the other hand we avoid imposing any expenses on the staff of the school or on the parents of the children in need.

However, the document by the principal acknowledging the receipt of the uniforms and other needs will be published in public at the end of this effort, the same we have been practicing in the past.

Following is Akura bank account for your kind donations. Since we will be issuing a digital receipt, it is best that you send us a copy of the deposit proof via and Since the receipts will be used for Akura internal auditing, it is appreciated that you pay attention to the need of a receipt.

Bank Name:       Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
Account No:       8110039579
Branch Name:   Kolpitty

For more information, please contact,

  • Harshana Weerasinghe (+94 0716 811 256)
  • Srishanu Lokupathirage (+1 970 227 5241)

Following is the quotation for the uniforms for the students of Elapatha Maha Vidyalaya from CIB Ratnapura branch. CIB doesn’t have a way to accept back the sample uniforms we provide the students to try out. So we will be paying for those samples and they also will be provided to the students. There are students still in relief camps waiting to resume schooling. So apart from the already informed 117 students, if we get information for more requirements of uniforms, we are more than willing to fulfill them as well.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to CIB Colombo and Ratnapura branches and to the principal and the staff of Elapatha Maha Vidyalaya who supported for the success of this effort.

Step Two:

With the success of step 1, we hope to support around 800 students in Godapitiya Kanishta Vidyalaya. Due to the facts that stationary will be provided by most of the parties and providing uniforms being a complex exercise, we decided to support the students in need with school uniforms.

Out efforts in last year

Akura helps students that are affected by the floods


Duminda Widanagama, Gayan Dasanayake, Samith Athukorala, Manawa Ranasinghe and Manoj Wimalarathna from Singapore are in the process of providing the needy students in Elapatha Maha Vidyalaya with school shoes, you may contact them if you are willing to support that effort.

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