Journey With Privacy And Trust!

Akura Scholarship Program

It has been a year since we commenced Akura Scholarship Program to invest in deserving students at school and higher education level. Our initial plan was to support 8 school students and 2 university students.

Our effort is not about just finding a sponsor and giving monetary funds to a randomly chosen student.  We undertook a much more complex task.

During this period, we haven’t divulged a single photo of a scholarship student or their personal details over Akura Social Media Channels. We maintained our main goal, i. e. to support students while we respect their privacy and safeguard the trust of our sponsors.

Our coordinating teachers around the country assisted us in awesome work, supplying us with periodical progress reviews of these students. Yes, we continuously review their progress and update respective sponsors.

Every cent we received from sponsors were transferred to students’ accounts with ZERO admin fee as we operate on a fully volunteer basis. During the past year the only expense we paid were the bank charges (inter-bank transfer and standing orders) but we managed to make it balance back with interest paid by the bank.

I am pleased to inform you that we are extending our support to 16 students as of now (in a range of Grade 4 to University Level).  10 of them are female students and some of our students come from single mother families.

Moreover we have initiated a Mentor Program to give proper guidance to these students and its running as a pilot project for now.

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to support students in either Higher Education or A/Ls.

Drop me a mail (danishka AT akura DOT org) if you interested in guiding a deserving student.

We highly appreciated the generous support of our sponsors!

Feel free to fill this form if you interested in sponsoring a student.


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